Youth Studies

Middle School Class

6th – 7th graders:  You’re in middle school now – no more “baby” faith!  Time to learn and think for yourself:  what do you honestly know about God/Jesus/Holy Spirit?  What do YOU really believe?  Come and learn and grow in YOUR faith in a cool place with fun teachers!

Confirmation Class

Confirmation class for 8th graders provides an opportunity for students to personally explore the Christian faith and commitment to church membership.

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High School Class

9th – 12th graders:  Join with your peers and some cool adults to wrestle with big faith questions as you “open/dig/reflect” on the same Bible verses that are being talked about in worship – all in a safe, confidential meeting room where you can be free to ask any question and be accepted with respect.


Our 6th grade – High School education is held on the 2nd floor of our education wing of the church.  This is the north east corner of the building.


Confirmation Class Tours Trinity Cathedral

Our class of 2015-16 enjoyed their visit Trinity Cathedral, the oldest religious institution in Cleveland.

Trinity1      Trinity2

From its early days, the Cathedral has served as an anchor in the Quadrangle neighborhood and in downtown Cleveland.  The current cathedral is an English perpendicular Gothic structure, begun in 1901 and consecrated in 1907.  At the end of the nineteenth century, Trinity was the strongest parish in the diocese numerically and financially and was also rich in traditions of strong pastoral leadership and in service to the community and the larger church.  Today, it is a very parish, in worship and spirituality, education, music and art, and civic involvement.

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