We are excited to announce the release of our new website.  We hope that you like the new features of this site.  The website is “responsive” to mobile devices and the content will adjust to best display on the device.  With this post, I will share some of the basic features and navigation of the site.  We will continue to add more features, and plan to post announcements about those, as they are released.  We hope you like the site, and welcome your feedback

Primary Organization of the Site

This site was designed with the “new visitor” in mind.  We have reorganized content to help someone new find what they would most likely want to know.

  • Top Menu – Login links, Calendar,Social Media links and Contact form.
  • Main Menu – The main menu allows you to navigate to primary information, such as our missions, education, youth programs, etc.  The I’m New Here section should provide most information that a new visitor would want to know.
  • Calendar – Our church is very active with events, and the calendar is full of information.  Each event includes the information necessary to find the topic, time, location, and to register for the event.  Events are categorized and you can filter the calendar to only display the category you are currently interested in.
  • Life Groups – Groups of people that share a similar interest and want to work together in life.  Some content that was previously displayed in the main menu is now organized in Life Groups.  For example, this area includes United Methodist Women, United Methodist Men, Men’s Time Out, etc.
  • Serve Teams – This is a new area that is designed to help you find a way to serve within our church.
  • Sermons – Our prior sermons are posted each week, and they can be accessed here or from our YouTube channel.  We encourage you to subscribe to our YouTube channel.
  • Footer – Our footer includes a variety of helpful links, such as our Prayer Wall, history, our new Church Directory, and website help.  We also provided a link for you to submit your suggestions or request for help (Web Support Ticket).




The calendar is a primary component of the website and will be a primary “go-to” place on the web.


Event Detail


Location Detail


Life Groups

When you click on the Life Group picture, you will see a page that describes what we are calling Life Groups.  You can then search for an existing group or request to start one.  When you click on find a group, you will get a list of all existing groups with search capability.


Search filters


The life group detail form will explain more about the group.




And there’s more to come…

We have plans to bring you more functionality in the near future, but didn’t want to hold you up, as we develop it.  Here’s a list of some exciting things to come:

  • Pastor’s introduction video,
  • Testimonial videos,
  • More content for Life Groups (current news, events, history),
  • Chardon Church social networking (social activity, followers, and messaging & notifications), and
  • Photo albums.

Enjoy our new site!