As in our previous site, you have the ability to create a login, which will provide access to “secured” information.  We chose not to migrate existing login credentials, since the architecture of the site changed so much.  We apologize for that … but we think you’ll find the registration process to be quite simple.

We have also added an online Chardon Church Directory, and encourage you to complete your profile.  This blog will walk you through that process.  So, you might ask … Should I create a family profile (like the printed brochure) or an individual profile?  Either is fine, but individual profiles will share more information.

  • If you want to share your email address, mobile phone, etc. and also your spouse’s, then you want individual profiles.
  • If you plan to “work on the website as a team”, then you could have a join profile.
  • We will be launching our social networking soon, and you may want to use this individually.

Church Directory

The church directory is accessed from the lower right corner of the Home page (in the red footer bar).  The directory allows you to upload both a photo and a cover photo.  The dimension ratio of the cover photo are 2.7 to 1.  The photo is 1 to 1.  Below is a sample of the Church Directory:


When you click on the down arrow, the form expands to display the person’s address.


Your detailed profile page may look like the following.  (More fields will display.  This is just an example of the top portion of the form.)


Searching the directory

If you are logged onto the website, you can search the directory, based on a variety of fields.  For example, if you want to find those who have a specific interest or skill, you can search based on those fields.


Log onto the website

Click Login on the Top Menu and then either login or register to login.


You will notice that the Top Menu now changes the Login link to Logout and My Profile.


When you first login, you will land on your profile page.  From here, you can upload your cover photo, photo, and click on the profile edit menu.  Use this menu to manage your profile.  As you use the website, you can always get to your profile (if you’re logged on) by clicking the My Profile link in the Top Menu.


Logging Off

You can either use the Logout link from the Profile Menu or the Top Menu.  Now let’s get busy and update our profiles!