If you come to the Chardon Church website frequently for information about a few topics, you may want to “bookmark” these URLs (web addresses).  For example, if you are primarily interested in the activities of a Life Group, such as United Methodist Women, you should bookmark the URL “www.chardonchurch.org/united-methodist-women/”.  This article explains how you might do this.

Each Internet browser varies in the approach of saving bookmarks.  Internet Explorer calls these favorites.  Chrome and Firefox call them bookmarks.  So, if you don’t know how your browser does this, just Google it.

lifegroupWhen you’re on the Chardon Church website, each page has a unique URL  So, let’s walk through the example of finding the United Methodist Women’s (UMW) page.

UMW is a Life Group.  Click on the Life Group picture on the home page.  This will bring up a page that describes what Life Groups are, and why you might want to join some.  On the right side is a list of our current Life Groups.  Each of these is a hyperlink to the related page, which further describes the group and it’s activities.

Click on the hyperlink to open the detailed page.


Bookmark the URL (webpage) for this page, and you will now be able to go directly to this page in the future.


I hope you find this useful.  Enjoy the site!