Re-Shined Christmas Planning Sessions

Please consider joining in on the excitement of the first ever Preview-Sale and Celebrity Made Re-Shined Christmas Auction

Friday, October 6th, 6pm to 9pm at Chardon United Methodist Church

515 North Street, Chardon, Hayden Hall

This is the event that will be the money maker for Night to Shine Prom!

  • Who: This Team of Re-Shined Christmas will be involved with the Silent Auction, and the Preview-Sale of the all the items in Hayden Hall.
  • What: All the items made by Chardon Celebrities will be available for silent bidding from 6 to 9pm.  Entrance fee (TBD) will allow shoppers the experience of early sales.  A food truck (at shoppers expense) and/or pizza slices/snacks available for donations.
  • Where: All auction items will be available to view and bid in the Hallway outside of Hayden Hall. All Items for sale in Hayden Hall!
  • When: 6pm to 9pm. Food Truck set up early; 5pm. Bidding Ends at 8:45. Winner need not be present.
  • HOW: Tables for check out will be set up near the exit doors in Hayden Hall. A Table for check-in Entrance Fees collected.  Lots of volunteers needed to help haul out items, encourage sales, encourage Bidding, Check in and out!


Planning Sessions for the Preview-Sale and Celebrity Made Re-Shined Christmas Auction :

Wednesday September 13th 7pm-8:30 Chardon United Methodist Atrium

Sunday, September 17th 12:30 – 2pm Chardon United Methodist Atrium

Saturday, September 23 9:30-11 Buckeye Chocolate

Additional Dates as needed…

Friday October 6th Set up Auction and Tables 1pm to 2:30

If you have questions concerning this event, please call me

Laura Diemer