Re-Shined Christmas Planning Sessions

Please consider joining in on the excitement of the first ever “Chardon Celebrity Re-Shined Event” for the fund raising of Night To Shine Prom

Thursday, October 5th, 6pm to 9pm at Chardon United Methodist Church

515 North Street, Chardon, Hayden Hall

This event holds much fun, creativity, and sharing on Social Media.

  • Who: Any ‘celebrity’ of this community. Someone who shares a lot of attention in Chardon, and surrounding Geauga County with their Business, Profession, Non-Profit Heads, and Social Media Status.  No Political persons please.
  • What: A ‘crafty’ Re-Making of the Christmas items collected and displayed in Hayden Hall for the purpose of auctioning off the items to gain funds for the Night To Shine Prom.
  • Where: The event will take place in Hayden Hall, on the stage, with limited audience seating. Tables will be set up for the “Re-Making” .
  • When: The event will be timed to keep the attention of the Social Media.  Timing TBD
  • HOW: This event can only take place with LOTS of help; from the Re-Shined Christmas team, the celebrities, their support teams.


Re-Shined Christmas Celebrity Planning Sessions:

+Happy Labor Day Weekend+

Tuesday, September 5th 7pm to 8:30pm Chardon United Methodist Atrium

Thursday, September 11:30 to 1 at Buckeye Chocolate

Future dates as needed…..

Sunday October 1st 7pm for Set up

Wednesday, October 4th for Set up

Thursday, October 5th THE EVENT.

Please call if Questions, suggestions if you cannot attend but would love to be involved.

Laura Diemer