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CH.U.M.S. June Service Project

Chardon United Methodist Seniors (CH.U.M.S.) we continue to remember the services Jesus asked of us, this month we are asking for help in collecting an offering for the Pastor’s Discretionary Fund. This fund is often used to truly help one of Jesus’ most fragile children.  The need could be for utility assistance, because of a new health diagnosis, which often brings tests and new medications, impacting a very tight family budget.  It could be, because of COVID, a full time job is now part time, and full time benefits are no longer available, including health insurance.

Let us join together to help our Pastor be able to respond to emergency needs, including health needs, in our community.  Please make your check payable to Chardon United Methodist Church, and on the subject line write “Pastor Discretionary Fund”.

Together we can help “the least of these”.  Thanks be to God for your grace and support.


Walk, Pray, Love

Join us for Walk, Pray, Love every Wednesday at 12:30pm.  Gather in the atrium and walk the City of Chardon together praying for the businesses, the children of the community, and their families.  Invite your friends and together let us share the love and light of Christ!


Postage Stamps Needed

The Chardon United Methodist Seniors (CH.U.M.S.) are in need of postage stamp donations.  As part of their ministry they reach out to the older members of the congregation with greeting cards.  If you can help, please drop the stamps off to the church office.  Thank you!

Current News

Volunteers Needed

Chardon United Methodist Church is looking for volunteers to serve on the Technology Team and in our STRUCK band.  If you have an interest in learning how to operate our video cameras, soundboard, livestreaming equipment or if you are wanting to share your gift of being an instrumentalist or vocalist, please contact Luke Panchura, Director of Modern Worship, at [email protected]

Exhausted by the Pandemic?

A Stephen Minister can walk alongside you or a loved one to offer support and care.  It is free and confidential.  To learn more, call Rochelle Dellaria at (440) 285-4581.

How to Move Forward in Faith

Man walking on a Bible towards a cross

Disciple Apprentice Path

So you want to move forward in your faith journey.  Check out our Disciple Apprentice Path to see where you are on your journey and what learning opportunities are available to take the next step towards growth in Jesus!  The pastors and faith guides will be glad to help if you have questions.  Let’s get moving!

Our Latest Achievements in Progress