Disciple Apprentice Path

So you want to move forward in your faith journey … 

We want to help you find out where you are on your journey of faith and how to take the next step towards growth in Jesus! .  


Review the Disciple Apprentice Path chart to determine where you are in your faith walk and what steps you can take to “move forward” in faith.   Then do it!

We’re Here to Help You!


Pastor Tom or Pastor Diane are glad to meet with anyone,  just to listen and encourage.  Call the office to arrange a time (440.285.4581) or shoot us an email: tsnode@chardonumc.org or dcasavecchia@chardonumc.org.  Talking with you would make our day!

Faith Guides

Faith guides meet with seekers to listen to their questions, and explain the Disciple Apprentice Pathway to them.  They help them through prayer and discernment to identify their current placement on the pathway, and encourage them to take the next step in growth.  They will advise of ministry contact persons, as requested.  Faith guides invite their seekers to join them when the church offers studies, special events or mission opportunities.  They can also offer resources such as Phil Maynard’s Real Discipleship Survey, Pizza with the Pastors, or the S.H.A.P.E. workshop.  We encourage faith guides to keep in touch once per month. 


Mentors partner with someone who shares a passion for the same ministry they are involved with and desires to learn more.  They “show them the ropes” or let their partners shadow them, whether it’s music, missions, landscaping, knitting, youth or study – any ministry!  They meet regularly, as much as possible, share their knowledge and experiences and invite the partners to participate with them.


Coaches meet with their apprentice regularly (usually once per month) for loving accountability and discipling.  They offer resources and suggestions for discipleship growth.  Coaches are trained to ask pertinent questions and encourage the apprentice to go deeper in their faith walk. 

Want to be a Faith Guide, Mentor, or Coach?

Our pastors have prepared training to help you help others with their faith journey.  If you are interested, please contact one of our pastors, and ask about the following training and commitments:

  • Faith Guide – Attend a 1-time, half-hour training session.  Commitment: minimum of one year.
  • Mentor – Attend a 1-time, half-hour training session.  Commitment: one year or less, as appropriate to the ministry.
  • Coach – Attend a 1-time,  2-hour training session with Pastor Tom, where you will learn that the one being coached is the expert; YOU are there to ask the pertinent questions and encourage that person to go deeper in their faith walk.  Commitment: minimum of one year.