Christmas Cantata 2023

Appalachian Winter

At the coming of winter there is a blessed quietness that seems to settle upon the heart.  The chill of frosty air and the season’s lengthening shadows invite us to reflection and simplicity.  As we retreat to the hearth and away from the cold, there is a subtle turning that seems to happen.  Weary from struggle and frozen by distress, we find warmth and assurance inside our sanctuaries of contemplation.  Peace falls like a gentle snow and we remember, with great hope, the promises of our faith.  The candles of hope, peace, love and joy are once again kindled in our spirits.  We gaze with longing into the silent night, seeking a star and listening for a song that will fill the deep silence and set our hearts to celebration.

It is then, above the whistle of the winter wind, the first notes of a distant “Gloria” arrives.  Soft at first, it comes like a dream, and then in a great crescendo, it sweeps across our emptiness and fills our hearts with a symphony of angel wings.  The mountains and canyons echo like cathedrals declaring the news: “Jesus the Savior is born.  Glory to God in the Highest.”

Overflowing with worship and surrounded by grace, we discover our miracle.  Melody and message reach out and draw us close into their lavish embrace.  Rejoicing, and filled with wonder, we join the music, lifting our praise into the night.  How amazing that in the very heart of winter’s desolation, we have found our Song.

Performed by Chardon Church Cantoria Choir

by Joseph M. Martin, orchestration by Brant Adams
Directed by Linda Prusha
Song / NarrationPerformer
'Tis The Season For SingingChoir
Narration 1Narrator
Long Time AgoChoir
Narration 2Narrator
Hope And ExpectationChoir
Narration 3Narrator
Carol Of The Winter WindChoir
Narration 4Narrator
Mountain CarolChoir
Narration 5Narrator
Gentle Carols Of BethlehemChoir
Narration 6Narrator
While Shepherds WatchedChoir
Narration 7Narrator
A Rustic Star CarolChoir
Narration 8Narrator
The Shepherds SongChoir

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Accompaniment Tracks:

Song Split Track
01 Prelude
02 'Tis The Season For Singing
03 'Tis The Season For Singing
04 'Tis The Season For Singing
05 'Tis The Season For Singing
06 'Tis The Season For Singing
07 Long Time Ago
08 Long Time Ago
09 Long Time Ago
10 Long Time Ago
11 Hope And Expectation
12 Hope And Expectation
13 Hope And Expectation
14 Hope And Expectation
15 Carol Of The Winter Wind
16 Carol Of The Winter Wind
17 Carol Of The Winter Wind
18 Mountain Carol
19 Mountain Carol
20 Mountain Carol
21 Gentle Carols Of Bethlehem
22 Gentle Carols Of Bethlehem
23 Gentle Carols Of Bethlehem
24 Gentle Carols Of Bethlehem
25 Gentle Carols Of Bethlehem
26 While Shepherds Watched
27 While Shepherds Watched
28 While Shepherds Watched
29 While Shepherds Watched
30 A Rustic Star Carol
31 A Rustic Star Carol
32 A Rustic Star Carol
33 A Rustic Star Carol
34 A Rustic Star Carol
35 A Rustic Star Carol
36 The Shepherds Song
37 The Shepherds Song
38 The Shepherds Song
39 The Shepherds Song
40 The Shepherds Song
41 The Shepherds Song
42 The Shepherds Song
43 The Shepherds Song
44 The Shepherds Song