Christmas Cantata 2017

I Hear the Prophet Callin’

Performed by Chardon Church Cantoria Choir

Music by Pepper Choplin
Directed by Linda Prusha
  • Accompanist:  Pam White
  • Narration:  Ric White
Song / NarrationPerformer
Listen to the StoryChoir
Narration 1Narrator
I Hear the Prophet Callin'Choir
Narration 2Narrator
The People Who Walk in DarknessChoir
Narration 3Narrator
I Hear A Mother Singin'Choir
Rockin' Slow and EvenChoir
Narration 4Narrator
There in the Same CountryChoir
I Hear the Shepherds Callin'Choir
Narration 5Narrator
Go Tell ItChoir
I See the Star of GloryChoir
Narration 6Narrator
A Star Rising in the EastChoir
I Hear the People Singin'Choir

Download a zip file with all the audio (wma) files by clicking Download Cantata.