Our Cantoria Choir,  led by Linda Prusha (Director) and accompanied by Pamela White (Organist), has a tradition of performing cantatas for both Christmas and Easter.  Below is a sampling of prior cantatas performed at Chardon United Methodist Church.

Christmas Cantata
“The Christmas Story”

By Tom Fettke and Thomas Grassi, under the direction of Linda Prusha.  The story of Christmas is filled with glorious images of promise, joy, love, faith, worship, and a Baby, God’s great gift of salvation. The composers of the work have selected a blend of thirteen familiar and lesser-known carols to tell the timeless tale of Christmas.  Solos, duets, piano, orchestration and congregational participation add to the artful, worshipful experience.  We invite you to join us in this magical retelling of “The Christmas Story.”

Christmas Cantata
“The Gift of Light”

The music takes us from the light at the dawn of creation to the light of Jesus, given to the whole world at Christmas.  There are various genres of music from a Manhattan Transfer-esque piece called “Let There be Light”, to “Breath of Heaven, a contemporary song by Amy Grant, to the traditional French carol, “Fum, Fum, Fum”.  Also, the choir had violin and digital cello music, drums and a dancer, along with the story told in scripture and verse.

Easter Cantata
The Living Last Words

“Truly this Man was the Son of God!”

With these powerful words, the centurion responded to the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ. He had witnessed both the humanity and the divinity of Christ’s suffering, and he was transformed by Christ’s final utterances from the cross.

Inspired by the Seven Last Words of Christ, Ruth Elaine Schram imagines the responses of other witnesses at Calvary. She has created short, dramatic monologues for each: the contemptuous soldier; the crucified thief’s sympathetic sibling; the scornful priest; the anguished shepherd; the grieving mother of Christ; and the heartbroken disciple, searching for answers.

Christmas Cantata
“The Winter Rose”

The rose has been a symbol of divine love from the earliest Christian times. Our adult choir’s performance reminded us that even in the deepest winter, we are people of joy and life.

Easter Cantata
The Rose of Calvary

This cantata, by Joseph M. Martin, carried the same theme, but continued beyond the cantata performed by the Choir in December, “The Winter Rose“.   In “the Rose of Calvary“, the narrative portrays the life, ministry, passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Rose of Sharon.

The image of a sacred flower, a divine rose, from heaven’s own garden blooming in the shadows of our world is a portrait of hope and comfort. When translated into music, it becomes a song that speaks to our deepest needs for restoration and redemption. It sings to us of gardens lost to sin and despair. It reveals to us a lonely garden where ancient olive trees stand silent witness to the suffering of the savior. It sings of a garden meant for death suddenly springing to life in a shower of joyful alleluias. It is God’s tender love song reminding us all that we are children of the garden. Finally, at its heart, it is the music of one truly perfect Rose, who, choosing grace, died for his beloved thorns.

Christmas Cantata
Night of the Father’s Love

Start your Christmas week with the joyful music of Angels, the excitement of the Shepherds and the awe of the Wisemen. All of the mystery, the awe, and the palpable excitement of that night are imaginatively captured in a Christmas mosaic that combines fragments of the familiar with Pepper Choplin’s always-unique perspective in word and music. The cantata combines original pieces with familiar Christmas carols to share the eternal story of God’s love for us as shown through His Son, Jesus.

Christmas Cantata
“Tapestry of Light, A Celtic Christmas Celebration”

The joy and hope of Christmas are celebrated in this new Celtic-styled cantata, by Joseph M. Martin, from the pen that brought you The Mystery and the Majesty and Winter’s Grace. This jubilant work is filled with tuneful carols, thoughtful narration, and sparkling orchestrations. Traditional melodies form the foundation of this tapestry of light bringing to your holiday presentation a pleasing mixture of choirs, carols, and candlelight.