2023 Stewardship Letter

God has blessed us, indeed! We have been given eternal life through the blessing of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice. We have been given hope in this world because Christ has come, is coming again and will redeem everything. We have been given the Holy Spirit to counsel and comfort us through anything we face. We have been given the fruit of the Spirit to enjoy life and bless others. We have been given God’s Word the Bible to guide us and help us mature. We have been given forgiveness and a new life that we may shake free from who we were. We have been given purpose and God’s will to know which way to go forward. And, we have been given each other, the Church to promote and expand God’s Kingdom here on earth, all the while finding comfort in the love of our brothers and sisters. We are blessed!

As we consider our blessings, let us remember of how God has blessed us with our church family at Chardon UMC. Over the past several weeks we have been hearing stories of the ministry and mission of our church and how we all have been impacted and have blessed others with the Gospel. We are blessed to be a blessing to others that God has called us to serve.

In our mission and desire to continue to be a blessing, we now truly need your help. With the challenges we have faced the past few years in the world and in Christ’s Church, our financial support continues to decrease, though costs to operate and minister to our world increases. We find many current challenges to cover our monthly budget costs and struggle to maintain or plan for ministry and facility upcoming needs. I am asking that you prayerfully consider making a pledge during our current stewardship campaign. If you have been able to give in the past, would you consider an increased gift?

2023 Pledge Form

We are so thankful for your prayers and your continued support in this and many other ways that we may pass on our blessings to a world that needs Jesus.

In Christ, Pastor Jody